This method is particularly appropriate when there is a reasonably small pool of potential candidates or when the job requires a very specific set of skills. It is a highly targeted approach and is extremely effective for the “difficult to fill” positions.
We are vastly experienced at managing the search process. We work closely with the client in preparing a search universe and producing an extensive long list of suitable candidates.
From the long list, through a process of telephone screening and face to face competency based interviewing, we arrive at a short list within an agreed time-frame of highly qualified candidates who most closely fit the job.

Selection is most successful when there is a sufficiently large candidate pool or when the candidate could come from a range of diverse backgrounds. We will help select the appropriate media, write the copy and design the format to ensure the highest level of response possible.

Our extensive database contains thousands of market professionals. Using our state of the art information management system we are able to search against all relevant criteria to ensure candidates and clients are matched effectively.

We help our clients to identify, develop and retain outstanding individuals, who are able to deliver superior performance, both individually and as part of a team.
We have a proven systematic qualitative and quantitative assessment process and a range of psychometric measures and Management Assessment tools to support our findings by measurable data.

We work with the Chairman of the board and shareholders in order to recruit directors whose independence, intellect and integrity will strenghten the board and create sustained competitive advantage.

Together, we evaluate performance against expectations, solve problems that arise and plan actions that drive to success. 

We offer proactive support dedicated to providing re-employment as effectively and efficiently as possible. We go beyond traditional executive outplacement firms by leveraging our established executive search, management assessment and executive coaching experience to fully support senior executives in the networking and employment phases.  We provide an in-depth and personalised Career Evaluation and Transition program.